The Guardian
Trans mission: how to tell our stories on stage and screen

Kill Your Darlings
Isn’t It Obvious: Queer representation in children’s television
Love and Anger: How popular culture sells aggression as romance

The rent is too high
Fury against the plebiscite
Cooked Catfish
Safe Students, Safer Workplaces 
The Fallout factor
Kanye for 2020

Pantograph Punch
The Revolution of the Misspell

Homer Magazine
He’s Just A Really Nice Guy; Masculinity in BBC’s The Fall

Spook Magazine
No Pay, No Gain: Feminist Activism in a Capitalist Landscape

Finding a Place To Live Is So Much Harder When You’re Trans
Travelling as a Trans Person Is Exhausting and Dangerous

Role Reboot
How It Feels To Be A Stepchild
Coming Out As Transgender

The F Word

The Australasian
Secretary Repeatedly Pulls John Key’s Hair
Heads on Spikes Appear Atop HBO Headquarters
Death Rate of Women A PR Disaster, Says Experts
Parks Not Safe For Men, Says Homicide Squad Boss
Walgreens Produces Women’s Earplugs
Facebook Users Report End of World As Their World Ends
Tony Abbot Scraps Carbon Entirely
MP Fred Nile Calls for Bruce Willis To Replace All Men
Russell Crowe Shocks Fans By Coming Out
Extensive Study on Women Produces Startling New Findings
Tsunami Category 4
Feminists Support 4chan Users and Time Magazine Readers


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