in the style of Hera Lindsay Bird

do u think
milo yiannopoulos
is popular here because
we all loved milo
as a child

oh how harmful could he be when
he is so tasty in cold milk

i have been thinking a lot about
what we like and y we like it

have u ever thought about what u would do
if u could go back in time

cos maybe u would u go back
to that the punk hall
& just snatch that kiss
that it turns out both of u wanted

or maybe u would tell her
yeah and i am sorry for how i handled myself
to her asking if u could talk

instead of

i don’t know, have u stopped being a crazy bitch yet?







maybe yr thinking bigger
maybe yr thinking



pow done dead

then cruise down mainstreets
flags adorning the car
hand rotating slowly
like yr polishing a Christmas ornament
tickertapes flying all about u slo mo
and people on the sides screaming like

you killed hitleeeer!

fainting and wanting to
touch yr shoes

anyway i’ve decided
that’s why the film Inglorious Basterds
is so popular

we all wanna save the day
and look good doing it

i used to fantasise a lot about
shit like that

all the anne’s i would have
bravely      selflessly        heroically
in my attic

these days i just
look in the mirror
& ask myself

how many nazis
have u killed today, friend?

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