for her birthday

there was a rope-swing in the gully
with a stick to wrap
our legs around

hung from a high

you had to take a running jump
hold yourself
up in the air

the pay off was
landing on the fence
feet scrabbling to find

i have been thinking of your hands
cradling paintbrushes in your finger nooks
attaching bamboo sticks to them to make them longer
so you can paint
larger // at a distance

take a step back and see it all at once
take a step in and work

you have all these ways to make sense
turn it on its head
break it up, hold up a pencil to see
if it is straight

my friend says of her children
they are my best works

you would listen when i said
the perspective was wrong
    take a pallette knife with paint
    thick as butter
                 cover it up

watercolourists work slow

we take care
we love in washes


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